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"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Costa Rica: Language School

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I can now, without a doubt, fully understand the meaning of Intensa (translated “Intense” in English).

Six hours a day. Five days a week. One-on-one with someone speaking Spanish to you. Teaching you verbs and sentence structure and making you pronounce clearly and asking you to tell them stories. All in a different language.

That’s Intensa.


Now that I have two weeks of class under my belt I have finally found a moment to breathe and come up with some sort of blog posts to document our stay. I really had forgotten how demanding and physically exhausting such vigorous mental work was. Each day last week I would come home from class at 4:30 and all I wanted to do was sleep until the next morning.

Part of that was because of the time change adjustment. Part was because of the heat. Part of it because I’m pregnant and I love to sleep.

But I think another big part was because I was giving it my ALL and was really soaking in the knowledge.

When you begin your term at Intensa Language School, they sit down with you and do an interview (in español, of course) to see which module you should begin. After that you take off running with the modules and try to make it through as many as you can for the time you are here. I should finish one each week by the time we go home.

*There are 13 Spanish modules and hopefully I will go through 3, 4 & 5 while here. I found it encouraging that there are 40 English modules and I already know that language. Maybe I can do this. ;)*

In the afternoons the sessions are more focused on conversation instead of grammar. The teachers know I am in the medical field and they have so graciously been teaching me the names for body parts, how to have a conversation in a doctor’s office, and we have been reading dialogues with question/answer time about medical problems. This has been such a blessing to learn in a way that is interesting to me!


I have been really happy with my time here at the school. The teachers are fantastic–they all have such fun personalities and are so very encouraging. The atmosphere is so friendly and inviting. There are only about four students learning Spanish here now, the other students are learning English at the school. They are mostly college-aged Costa Ricans. The ones I have talked to say that speaking English will give them much better job opportunities and they are excited about learning.

And one of the other students learning Spanish? He is deaf and mute. English is his native language, but he has a great job at a company that has now required him to learn Spanish. He answers email messages and chats with customers over the computer and the company wants to open his client base to Spanish speakers. And I think my learning is hard…

Each day I feel more comfortable with the language and I hope God opens many doors for me to use what I have learned. Thanks for your prayers, friends!



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