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Costa Rica: Maria & Marlene’s


A big part of learning the language here in CR is the homestay portion. The school strongly encourages you to stay with one of their contracted families in order to fully experience the culture and Spanish-speaking 24/7. When Grant was here in September/October last year he stayed at Maria & Marlene’s house. He felt so welcomed and taken care of that he insisted if we come back as a family, we would have to stay there too. I emailed the school to tell them our request and it all worked out perfectly.

IMG_0601Maria and Marlene have a 5 bedroom home that they have turned into a sort-of bed and breakfast. Me and Grant have one room with a bathroom attached and the kiddos have their own room across from ours. Another room is occupied by Khana, a brilliant young girl from Japan who is teaching Japanese at the University of Costa Rica through the Peace Corps. Khana is very talented–she makes jewelry, plays an instrument, and speaks Japanese, Spanish, English, and is taking classes in Portuguese. We have enjoyed spending time with her.

Maria and Marlene have the gift of hospitality. They have made us feel welcome from the moment we stepped out of the taxi when we found them sitting out on the sidewalk waiting for us to arrive. They bake cookies for the kiddos and color with them. They put up a tent in the backyard to give the kids something to do and they play cards with us at night. When I had a cold last week, Maria heard me coughing late at night and brought me a cup of hot lemon water.

And if I were able to accurately describe how well they cook, you might just purchase a ticket on and head down to Maria & Marlene’s. They provide breakfast and supper for us each day we are here and to say it is delicious is an understatement. The flavors and food combinations and freshness and richness have left me full and happy. The kids are loving it too, which is a big deal for EG.

Their backyard has been both a place of quiet solitude and loud playing. The beauty of the area has been an enjoyment to take in. I am so glad we were blessed to stay here.

IMG_1204 DSC_0199 DSC_0198 DSC_0197 DSC_0196 DSC_0194 DSC_0192

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2 thoughts on “Costa Rica: Maria & Marlene’s

  1. Thank you for sharing these pictures to give us a glimpse of where you are living and the precious people you are staying with!

    love you guys, enjoy learning! 🙂

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