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Costa Rica: {Food}

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*Sorry for posting this so late. I was eating.*

These past three weeks have been full of pleasure for our palates. I had the misconception that when we got to Costa Rica we would eat a lot of tacos and burritos. I haven’t had a single tortilla since we have been here. Now that is disappointing on a few levels, but overall it has been just fine.

So if there haven’t been any tortillas and enchiladas, what have we been eating?

All the food we have had has been so very fresh and tasty. Actually, the more I have thought about it, I have realized that we have unintentionally been on a whole food diet for three weeks (except when we make our own PB&J for lunch). Almost every bite has consisted of fresh ingredients straight from the farmer’s market or the backyard.

The day we arrived at Maria and Marlene’s we were chatting in the backyard and were given bananas straight off the tree. These are the best bananas I have ever had. They are so sweet and have a sort of crunch to them. A Hinson crowd favorite for sure.


Maria and Marlene are the best cooks in San Jose, hands down. Each time someone asks where we are staying, they immediately react with “How lucky! Their food is delicious!” They cater for events around town and have some famous dishes. The thing that impresses me the most, though, is the freshness of it all. Every sauce and dressing, even the jelly for the toast, is made from fresh ingredients–not out of a bottle or box.

IMG_0112(Maria doing her magic)

This morning for breakfast we had eggs, gallo pinto (a rice & black bean mixture), toast, and mango. Maria also makes her own juices for breakfast and this morning we had some sort of strawberry juice. Papaya has also become one of our favorites.

We are provided breakfast and supper each day from Maria and Marlene, but lunch is on us. We have been living the college life, eating peanut butter and jelly and tuna from a can, but when we don’t feel like eating that, we eat at the school cafeteria. The food there is just as yummy and fresh. And cheap.

For supper we never know what to expect, but it’s always delicious. We always have a sort of salad–whether it is just fresh veggies, shredded cabbage with classic Costa Rican dressing, or a fruit salad. Then we have white rice, black beans, and our main dish. My favorites have been the baked chicken and homemade lasagna.

And the coffee. Let’s not forget the coffee. I usually drink coffee loaded with flavored creamer. I haven’t had any creamer while we have been here, but the coffee doesn’t need it. It is so smooth and rich and delicious. Even while I am in class, my professors are kind enough to bring me a fresh Cup O’ Joe when they see I’m getting overwhelmed. It solves everything.


Last night when we asked Asher what he would miss the most from Costa Rica, he said “Maria’s food. It’s better than yours mom.” Thanks son, I’ll miss it too.



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