Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Summer Recap {Thumbs Up Thursday & Super Saturday}

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Each Thursday during the summer, a different church group would come into Countryside and hold a backyard Bible club at The Connection. Each group was given freedom to do whatever type of lesson and format they liked, we simply requested they teach a Bible lesson and feed the kids lunch. The groups did a great job loving on the kiddos and serving their local community in this way.


Before summer began, a dear family came to us wanting to do something weekly in Countryside as well. They had participated in a camp ministry in the past and wanted to duplicate it in our neighborhood. We had a few meetings and came up with a plan. We named it Super Saturday and decided to try and reach the crowd that we weren’t easily reaching—the high schoolers. Every Saturday night from 6-8pm we held Super Saturday and incorporated some basketball. We taught the International Mission Board’s outreach strategy, Creation to Christ. This format is an 8 part course that outlines the Bible from Genesis to Jesus. The simplified stories are easy to teach and easy to learn and point out the importance of the TRUTH of God’s Word and the sacrifice Jesus made to die for all mankind. We felt the lessons were successful when the kids could easily answer questions about the previous week. Kids are sponges and soaked up so much about Jesus on these weekly events.




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