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Summer Recap {Women’s Health Clinical}

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This summer was not only busy for ministry, but also busy for school. I had a condensed summer class, but don’t be mistaken when I say “condensed”. By “condensed” I mean all the same workload was crammed into 10 weeks instead of 16. This was the hardest semester I have had to manage so far, but it was well worth it.

My class, Women’s Health, was my favorite so far. I really enjoyed the material and the new information, but most of all I enjoyed my clinical rotation. I worked with a terrific midwife at a Community Clinic in Rock Hill. The population was folks I am passionate about and comfortable working with. I was able to provide so much education and support and just to simply listen to people and their struggles. What would often start as a simple well-woman check would end with so much more being shared. I was also excited to use my Spanish to communicate with many patients.

My preceptor was amazing. Her passion for people is contagious and her drive to improve the clinic in order to better serve her patients is uncommon. She is driven and knowledgeable and strives for social justice. I learned so much from her—not only in the area of women’s health, but more so in the way I think and interact with other people. God couldn’t have placed me in a better situation—I’m so glad He knows what He is doing!


As each semester draws to a close I see God using the opportunities I have been given to shape me into a provider that He will use for His glory. I am super excited to see how He will use these last two semesters to mold me even more for His future purpose for our lives.



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