Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Asher Starts Kindergarten



Just yesterday my little boy was born. It feels like it anyways. I can remember going to the hospital after my water broke. I can remember his first steps. I can remember teaching him his ABCs. And now he is starting school.

IMG_1714In one moment it seems like it can’t be true that 5 1/2 years have passed and in the next moment it seems like he has been ready for kindergarten for years. The feelings are crazy running through my head.

IMG_0150My boy is super intelligent. He is ready for school. He is social and kind and loves to learn. He will excel, that’s for sure. We even chose his middle name “Luke” because in the Bible, Luke was an intelligent physician who authored a Gospel. We prayed this for our child from before he entered the world—that he would be intelligent. And God answered our prayers.

IMG_1619So the other day when we went to purchase school supplies and he carefully chose a red Nike backpack, I knew we were in for a treat. He was so happy to take this first step. He is so excited to venture to school. And because of that, I am happy for him.

Last week he went for kindergarten testing and stayed a whole day. He made it through the cafeteria line, played on the playground, and came home with a green smiley face to show his behavior was acceptable for the day. He was all-smiles as he shared with us his favorite parts of the day and what he did with his new friends. His only complaint was that the tacos in the cafeteria were hard-shell instead of soft-shell.


Monday starts his full-time school schedule. He will be grabbing his backpack each morning for the next few months and heading out into the big world to learn and soak up all the knowledge he can. I trust that God has great big plans for my smart boy. This is only the beginning–I can’t wait to watch it all unfold.

IMG_0151Love you dearly Asher Luke,



2 thoughts on “Asher Starts Kindergarten

  1. Amber I love reading your post…my memories go back to many years ago… to the most awesome girl with that beautiful red hair…I love you as my own and I love seeing you become a blessing to everyone that meets you…your children are so blessed to be born with you and Grant as their parents…The first time I meet you … you were about 3 with pig tails and a huge yellow bow and I loved you then…I pray for you and your family each day…God has blessed your family with the ability to touch lives and make these lives better just by knowing your family…You all have a gentle spirit with wide open smiles for the world to see…May you always be as happy as you are on this day…love you always….

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